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5 Aspects To Consider Before Buying Cream Chargers

 There are countless cream chargers on the market. How to choose a high quality and low cost cream charger? To make your whipped cream nice and creamy. There are five aspects to consider.


#1 Compatibility with your cream dispensers

Compatibility is the most essential aspect when buying a cream charger. The cream charger you use must be compatible with your existing cream dispensers.So, when shopping around for cream chargers, it is recommended to choose one suitable for the dimensions of your cream dispensers. You can message the seller first to check.


#2 Disposable Cream Chargers

Nowadays, almost all N2O Cream Chargers of 580g, even 660g are disposable cylinders. Because of this feature, you can easily throw them in a recyclable bin. This means you won’t have to store them at home or even have an extra garbage load with the tedious standard canisters.


#3 Convenient to use

There is no doubt that one of the most significant differences between 8g canisters and 660g N2O cylinders is the practicability of the bottles and the refilling time they save compared to 8g. For example, when preparing whipped cream, you can save up to 50% refilling time by using a larger cream charger.

However, not everybody likes to use a pressure regulator to be able to use both a cream dispenser and a bigger cream charger.

So, please consider your actual needs first. 


#4 Type of Nitrous Oxide Gas

You can find a wide range of N2O cream chargers on the online market.But many of these do not contain food-grade nitrous oxide. We recommend you to check this aspect well. And also check the labels on the bottles.


#5 The Capacity of the N2O Cream Chargers

We should buy and look at N2O chargers with much higher capacity. Like Skywhip, you can use it multiple times. And what’s more, one bottle of Skywhip 660g equals 83+ traditional chargers of 8g.

This makes you more convenient and quick to use cream chargers.


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