How to make The dark queen roll with cream chargers

How to make The dark queen roll?

First of all, we share a treasured delicacy-make the dark queen roll with cream chargers for our friends, because we are the loves of the deseret. And make blackberries into jam, make pink and purple blackberry cream, so match with bamboo charcoal black cake, and the final product is absolutely perfect, beautiful and delicious. But dont' be nervous, let's make the dark queen roll with cream chargers.


Bamboo Charcoal Chiffon Embryo 

1.Milk: 38g
2.Corn oil: 38g
3.Low powder: 47g
4.Starch: 14g
5.Bamboo charcoal powder: 6g
6.Egg yolk: 80g
7.Protein: 132g
8.Sugar: 65g
9.Lemon Juice: Moderate


Blackbery Jam

1.Blackberries: 150g
2.Sugar: 60g
3.Lemon Juice: Moderate


Blackberry Cream

1. Cream: 200g
2. Blackberry jam: 30-40g
3. Cream: 150g



First, put them furnace with 155 degree in 22 minutes. Then, lower the temperature of the furnace to 150 degree. For your reference~ Because different people have different flavor. So you should adjust the great temperature and time according to the temper of your own oven. Then you should be careful to do that. Finally, please crush blackberries and pour in sugar and lemon juice and cook until thick, bottle and cool.


Knock on the blackboard:
Blackberries taste sour, because it is recommended to make sauce for seasoning, or add honey to yogurt for breakfast. As a result, antioxidant little expert, should eat more. It is best to match our cream chargers. And you also can add some food as you like.


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