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FRV & Skywhip Pro join forces to crack down on illegal fake cream charger companies

FRV & Skywhip Pro join forces to crack down on illegal fake cream charger companies

Skywhip Pro Australia is a leading Australian trading company at the forefront of the industry, specializing in the supply of cream chargers and related products to the hospitality industry. We are the only company that sells N2O cream chargers legally and compliantly in Australia. And the only company in Australia with a full range of certificates. All our product lines are compliant with federal laws and state laws requirements and qualified with certificates including MSDS, TUV & FDA. Skywhip Australia take immense pride in our continuous pursuit of innovation and sustainability. With an annual investment exceeding one million dollars in research and development, we remain steadfast in our quest to explore recyclable materials and enhance our product recycling processes. Our products are only sold to bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and high-end buffets.

Recently, it has been discovered that some illegal fake brands of cream chargers have been circulating in the market. These fake brands not only undermine the integrity of genuine products but also pose grave threats to both the environment and the well-being of unsuspecting customers.

  • Illegal fake cream chargers are carelessly discarded, affecting the city appearance

These fake brands lack stringent recycling procedures and are callously abandoned post-usage, greatly compromising the city's visual appeal.

  • Illegal fake cream chargers are not filled with pure N2O

We received reports from cafes that some fake brands are not filled with N2O. They are filled with oxygen. Equally alarming is the impact on the health of unsuspecting customers who unknowingly purchase these counterfeit cream chargers. The absence of stringent quality control measures in the production of these imitation brands exposes consumers to a myriad of health risks.

  • Illegal fake cream chargers are not recyclable pose a significant threat to environment

Illegal cream chargers pose a significant threat to the delicate balance of our ecological environment. These insidious products not only lack recyclable materials, but they also betray any notion of environmental friendliness. The environmental toll exacted by these fake and inferior products is a distressing reality that must not be overlooked. From the moment these counterfeit goods are produced, they contribute to the degradation of our planet. The use of cheap and hazardous materials not only compromises the longevity and performance of these products but also releases harmful pollutants into our air, water, and soil. The very essence of sustainability is compromised, as these fake brands perpetuate a vicious cycle of waste and environmental degradation.

  • Illegal fake cream chargers are unlawfully stored in non-DG warehouses, posing significant safety risks to nearby residents.

Illegal cream chargers are often found in storage facilities that lack the necessary DG (Dangerous Goods) qualifications, particularly those stored at residential addresses. These counterfeit cream chargers are unlawfully stored in non-DG warehouses, which poses significant safety risks to nearby residents. It is alarming to note that a considerable number of these hazardous items are stored in residential areas, further exacerbating the potential dangers. Instances have been reported across Europe where explosions have occurred due to the improper storage of these illegal fake cream chargers. The consequences of such incidents are devastating, not only resulting in material damage but also jeopardizing the personal safety of individuals in the vicinity.

Skywhip Pro is the only company in Australia to offer genuine cream chargers products that not only adhere to strict laws and regulations, but ensure compliance with all necessary standards. With an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, Skywhip Pro invests millions of dollars annually in groundbreaking research and development, all in pursuit of creating innovative and recyclable materials.

If you come across any fake cream chargers other than the Skywhip Pro Max, Startwhip Max, Aurorawhip, or Creamymax, we urge you to contact us or the authorities immediately. Together, we shall wage a relentless battle against these illegal fake cream chargers products! Let us unite, hand in hand with Skywhip pro, to eradicate these illegal fake brands and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.