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How To Use Our Skywhip Pro Cream Charger

Skywhip offer superior quality 580g whipped cream cylinders and 8.4g whipped cream chargers at competitive prices. As a result, Skywhip are the most famous products in making cream related to desserts. This blog would techer you how to use our skywhip pro cream charger.

There 5 main steps to use Skywhp cream chargers as follow:

  1. Pour the cream into the can and lock lid.
  2. Insert Skywhip Pro cream charger in to charger holder.
  3. Aim Skywhip Pro cream charger at the air inlet and screw it in quickly.
  4. Shake it fully up and down about 20 times.
  5. Spray the nozzle vertically down and gently press the handle to squirt out Fresh whipped cream.

Your could find Skywhip whipped cream chargers here:

Skywhip Pro offers great design and productivity at a wonderful price. once you’ve tried this system, you won’t want to go back! is professional in Hospitality Industry, Our Main bushiness is for selling hospitality related product especially for whipped cream whipper and whipped cream chargers n20. Also our products are only sold to companies with food natural and the companies' ABN under for food industry or grocery.

In order to meet the growing demand for 580g whipped cream cylinders worldwide, we are actively looking for strongly DISTRIBUTORS in Australia wide, If you are looking to expand your existing whipped cream business or trying to reach a new market, SKYWHIP PRO MAX AUSTRALIA must be the best partner for you.  

If you are intended in becoming SKYWHIP PRO MAX AUSTRALIA the exclusive DISTRIBUTORS in your own city, please contact our headquarters at .We are fully welcome you to visit our warehouse in Melbourne.

Thank you for your interest in the distribution of our products and joining our global team!

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