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Learn about the cream charger

Learn about the cream charger

660g Cream Charger New arrival!

There are more and more specifications of cream chargers in the market. To better purchase cream charger, so get to know about cream charger.

What's the difference between Cream chargers and Soda chargers?

Whipped cream charger is a steel cylinder or cartridge filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) and also used in a whipped cream dispenser as a whipping agent. Cream chargers can instantly make the perfect whipped cream for any dessert toppings.
Soda chargers are small, metallic canisters that hold in carbon dioxide gas (CO2). So they are used to mix the CO2 in with a liquid, producing a carbonated drink like seltzer water or soda pop.

Whipping cream with CO2 will destroy the flavor and also give the cream a metallic taste.

What specifications of N2O cream chargers are there in the market?

As many people use N2O cream chargers, the specifications of cream chargers in the market are also increasing. There are 8g, 580g, 615g, 640g, 660g, 3.3L and also other specifications and capacities.

Currently the most popular are 580g and 3.3L.

However Skywhip & Startwhip launched a new 660g cream charger.

The demand for large-capacity cream chargers is gradually increasing. So the 660g cream charger will become a hot selling product in the market.

Why Choose 660g Cream Chargers?

  • More cost-effective
  • Larger capacity
  • 14% More N2O than 580g
  • 1 Tank = 83 Bulbs of 8g
  • Newest production of 2023
  • 660g revolutionary upgrade from 580g
  • Free new nozzle with mute cotton per tank is included


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