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Coffee with Whipped Cream | Cream chargers

It is really excited to make the perfect whipped cream coffee at home if you are a whipped cream recipe lover. Also, the recipe is easy to follow and we would make sure you will enjoy the making process and the final output. Let us make the perfect whipped cream recipe with Skywhip cream chargers 580g tanks.

Prepare the following items including cream chargers:

  1. Coffee maker
  2. Measuring spoons and cups
  3. Wet measurement tool
  4. Hot mugs
  5. Glasses 
  6. Ice cube tray for making ice, if having iced
  7. Cream chargers (Recommend Skywhip)

Follow the steps to make the whipped cream coffee:

  1. First, add 1 cup of your favorite coffee, hot or cold
  2. Then, add 1 recipe homemade vanilla whipped cream
  3. Third, add the Sugar to the coffee. You can using a raw, coarse sugar like Turbinado sugar. optional, suitable amount to tastecinnamon, cocoa cinnamon sugar spice mixture or cinnamon sugar mixture
  4. Finally, add the ice for serving, if having cold

We strongly suggest you to use the skywhip cream chargers to make the vanilla whipped cream. As a result, you would enjoy the best tasty home made whipped cream. Because we are confident to offer you the best quality of product to help you make the smoothest cream to your desserts.

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