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New Product Launch: 640g Aluminium Whipped Cream Chargers

New Product Launch: 640g Aluminium Whipped Cream Chargers

01 New Product: 640g Aluminium Canister

We are excited to introduce our latest product: the 640g aluminium whipped cream charger. This innovative product offers significant enhancements in both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency for the food service industry. The new aluminium canister series is your ideal choice.

02 Features of the 640g Aluminium Whipped Cream Charger

1. Weight Reduction
The new aluminium canister weighs only half of the original, making it more portable and easier to use, thus reducing the burden of transportation and handling.
2. Increased Convenience
The use of aluminium material makes the canister lighter, easier to carry, and store, suitable for a variety of settings.
3. Enhanced Purity
Manufactured from pure aluminium, the canister ensuring purity and safety during use.
4. Lead-Free
This product is completely lead-free, guaranteeing food safety and user health.
5. Certification and Safety
This series complies with European UN1070 production standards and holds FDA  certificates as well as TUV German certifications, ensuring product safety and compliance. Each canister is equipped with a safety valve and anti-explosion device for safer use.

03 Suitable Applications

1. Food Service Industry:
Ideal for restaurants, cafes, and bars, enhancing product quality and efficiency.
2. Home Use:
The lightweight design is convenient for daily home use, perfect for family gatherings and baking needs.
3. Professional Kitchens:
Provides an efficient and safe choice for professional chefs and bakers, improving work efficiency.

04 Conclusion

We aim to highlight the superiority of aluminium whipped cream chargers and ensure users experience true convenience and safety. Join us in moving towards a lead-free, lighter, and purer future!