cream chargers | Raisin lychee raspberry pudding

Raisin lychee raspberry pudding | Cream chargers

Make the Perfect Whipped Cream recipe with Skywhip cream chargers 580g tanks.

Raisin lychee raspberry pudding is a no-bake pudding, so it's very easy to make it at home. The raspberry jam is made from the raspberries that I bought before, and it finally came in handy after a few days. With the addition of California raisins, the natural sweetness will not be greasy at all. It is said that this raisin is zero fat and zero cholesterol. Moreover, I highly recommend you to use Skywhip cream chargers to make the cream. Because it would make your pudding tasted better and smoother. This recipe can also prevent cardiovascular disease when eaten regularly. So, you must need to try this pudding if you are a dessert lover.

Please prepare the following ingredients and cream chargers:

  1. 200ML cocktail
  2. 60g lychee juice
  3. 60g raspberry jam
  4. some raisins
  5. 6g gelatine tablet
  6. 2 green extracts
  7. 120g cream
  8. 12g caster sugar
  9. Skywhip cream chargers (Suggestion)

Steps to make the California Raisin lychee Raspberry Pudding:

  1. Prepare the ingredients
  2. Soak gelatine tablets in cold water to soften
  3. litchi shelled meat juice
  4. Squeezed juice
  5. Prepare raspberry jam and lychee juice
  6. Gelatine tablets through water to melt into gelatine liquid
  7. The 200ml cocktail is evenly divided with raspberry jam, lychee juice mixed well, and then poured into the gelatine mixture mixed well into the pudding liquid
  8. Prepare the cups
  9. Pour in raspberry pudding liquid and refrigerate to set
  10. Remove and add raisins
  11. Pour in lychee pudding liquid and refrigerate to set
  12. Squeeze the cream
  13. Garnish with green slice and raisins
  14. Enjoy your pudding.

Tips: You could use Skywhip cream chargers to make your cream. Then you may probably taste the best puddig ever!

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