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The secret to delicious food - Whipped cream dispenser

The secret to delicious food - Whipped cream dispenser

The cream dispenser helps you to easily produce soft, smooth and non-greasy cream, and enjoy the royal-like aristocratic cream fragrance leisurely.

You can also make desserts, decorate cakes, ice cream, sundaes, etc., adding beauty and taste!

If you can't use it up once, put it in the refrigerator and use it again and again, no waste!

whipped cream dispenser


Simple and convenient. One Cream Dispenser with multiple functions.


cream dispenser


Skywhip cream dispenser - Three colors are available!

cream dispenser

Features and further details - Whipped Cream Dispenser

Capacity: 0.5 liter


Substance: aluminum bottle, mental high impact head

Perfect for Hot & Cold applications

Great for restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, bars, also bakeries

Includes: x3 Decorator tips, cleaning brush, charger holder &instruction manual

Weight/cardboard: 0.75kg

Size/cardboard: 8.5×8.5×30 cm

Food contact grade metal bottle body.

Shake freely without leaking.

Durable, simple and convenient.

Strong seal, cream will not spill out.

Premium inner coating, non-stick and easy to clean.

Standard scale, the adjustment ratio is more accurate.


Easy DIY all kinds of delicious creamy desserts!

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