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Advantages of 8g cream chargers

Advantages of 8g cream chargers

What is an 8G cream charger?

Typically, this is the smallest size n2o cream charger available on the market. With the help of 8-gram n2o chargers, which are pure and loaded with food-grade nitrous oxide gas, 0.5 liters of liquid whipped cream can be converted into 1 to 2 cups (of course this depends on the brand).
This makes it really tasty and also gives it the perfect amount of soft, foamy texture in your mouth. In the current market, we can see there are varies sizes of 8g N2O cream chargers, like 8g, 8.2g and also 8.4g sizes. 


Compatible and easy to use

The majority of cream chargers brands, if not all of them, design their 8g nitrous oxide cartridges to work with all of their whipped cream whipper. In many ways, they are comparable. They are therefore simple to use, even for inexperienced home cooks.
Using 8-gram N2O chargers is really simple. Most 8g N2O cartridges work with all standard whipped cream whipper and not need the regulator. In many ways they are compatible and also quite convenience.


Easy to buy

Cream chargers for nitrous oxide are accessible. They come in various packaging sizes from all the cream charger manufacturers. They are also the simplest to acquire in bulk or wholesale quantities online. We can easily buy them in boxes of 10 and 50 packs.


Pure and recyclable

8g cream charger is filled with certified pure cooking grade nitrous oxide N2O gas, which is made of 100% recyclable steel.



The zinc coating prevents the dampness in the kitchen from rusting the gas bomb. It is more cost-effective and easy to install.


Where can we buy the best 8g cream chargers?

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