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Any legal problems please contact us

Skywhip Pro has a Global Environmental and Safety team to identify new ways to improve recovery and diversion of landfill-fated items. All our Skywhip Pro whipped cream chargers including 8.4g, 580g and 3.3L are all environmentally friendly and recyclable! We too provide free recycle instruction with the products we sell so customers can have a clear guideline for the waste disposal.

At Skywhip, we are committed to the recycling of steel cylinders. For customers in suburban areas, if you need to send the cylinders to our warehouse, you will need to bear the transportation costs. We will handle these hazardous materials professionally. Customers in Victoria can email us at our website to communicate with our experts for arranging the appropriate processing.

Please pay special attention to the following three principles when handling recycling, whether as an individual or an organization:

  1. Consult with local hazardous materials management authorities, such as WorkSafe or EPA, to inquire about more suitable recycling sites nearby and decide whether to pay the corresponding fees.
  2. If you find cylinders on local streets or in parks, we advise you to consult with local dealers, as these cylinders may not be products we sold directly.
  3. If you are disposing of the cylinder yourself, first ensure that the cylinder is empty, then use a hydraulic press to flatten it before disposing of it in the recyclable waste bin (do not directly throw it into the recyclable waste bin or hard collection).

We are more than happy to assist you. Please contact us at

Skywhip Pro’s sustainability efforts don’t end there. We do our best to crack down on illegal littering, strictly abide by federal laws and state laws. We have strict requirements on distributors. And we will provide them MSDS and special training for recycling issues.

Skywhip Pro offer consulting services covering regulatory issues such as Country of Origin labelling, recycling issue, product development and food marketing compliance.


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