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How to Clean a Whipped Cream Dispenser

How to Clean a Whipped Cream Dispenser?

Using a whipped cream whipper is fun until you have to clean it. But don't worry, nothing is impossible! Let us show you how to properly clean your whipped cream whipper.

In the case of a stainless steel cream whipper, the bottle and head are usually dishwasher safe. Except for stainless steel models, please hand wash your whipped cream dispenser.


Please read the cleaning instructions on the manual. If the manual recommends hand cleaning, follow these steps.
  1.  Press the lever to release any excess gas remaining in the bottle. Make sure that the whipped cream dispenser is not charged with nitrous oxide. Unscrew the head of the bottle from the bottle.
  2. After you've unscrewed the head, unscrew the nozzle, the protective cap, and the charge holder and neatly place them together on one side.
  3.  Remove the separate metal base (if applicable).
  4. Turn over the whipped cream dispenser and remove the flat gasket ring from inside the head. 
  5.  Next step is to push the pressure valve stick down to the point where it can be fully removed.
  6. Now comes the cleaning, scrub the parts gently to clean with warm soapy water. Use the supplied small brush to clean the parts. Make sure to clean the pressure valve thoroughly to remove any remaining traces of cream.
  7.  Make sure to remove its nozzle and rinse it out beforehand.
  8.  Lastly, before you reassemble the whipped cream dispenser, dry it first or let it air dry.


Safety Measures that you must follow:
  1. While cleaning your whipped cream dispenser, do not remove or scrub the small gasket on the pressure valve stick. Because it can damage the whipped cream dispenser.
  2. On your whipped cream dispenser, stop using stainless steel cleaners or any other abrasive cleaning chemicals.
  3. When the bottle chargers with nitrous oxide, do not remove the pressure valve stick.


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