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How to freeze whipped cream

How to freeze whipped cream

Whipped cream is an important step in making many desserts and cakes. However, sometimes we have some whipped cream left over and don’t know how to save it for later use. In this post, I’ll share some tips and advice on how to freeze whipped cream. 


Types of cream you can freeze?

Whipped cream

Whether whipped cream is unsweetened, sweetened, or has additional ingredients mixed it, you can freeze it. Simply put, whipped cream in all shapes and sizes can be frozen.

Heavy cream

Heavy cream, that is, cream with a fat content of 36% or more, is completely safe to freeze; however, it can sometimes become a little grainy after thawing. Furthermore, it can also be difficult to whip into peaks if it’s been frozen then thawed. So, as a general rule of thumb, heavy cream is suitable to freeze if you’re using it for cooking rather than whipping.

Creams with a fat content below 35% (light cream) are likely to separate once they thaw. For best results, you’re best to use fresh light cream for any recipes that require them.


How to freeze whipped cream?

The most convenient way to freeze whipped cream is in individual mounds. Follow our step by step guide for reliable results:

Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

Spoon on your remaining whipped cream onto the paper into mounds – opting for single-serving portions (however big that may be for you).

Pop the tray with the mounds into the freeze overnight until they are stable enough to move.

The following day, remove the whipped cream mounds from the tray and transfer into a freezer bag or container.

NOTE: Make sure to place in a completely sealed container to prevent air and moisture from entering. Next, place the container in the refrigerator and make sure the temperature stays below -18 degrees Celsius to ensure the cream stays fresh and safe.

When it's time to use the frozen whipped cream, remove the desired portion and place it in the refrigerator to thaw. Wait until the cream is fully thawed , you can use it to garnish desserts or coffee as usual.

The cream may separate slightly during the thawing process, but don't worry, just gently stir to restore its original fluffy texture. Please note that whipped cream after thawing should be used as soon as possible to ensure texture and quality.


How long does whipped cream last?

The shelf life of whipping cream can generally vary from 1-2 weeks depending on how it’s stored and packaged. If you’re concerned that your whipping cream is inedible, the easiest (although not scientific) way of finding out is to use your sense of smell. When the cream has gone off, it will give off a sour smell. In addition to the smell, when whipped cream goes bad, it often curdles and the liquid contains clumps.


All in all, freezing whipped cream is a convenient and effective way to use fresh cream whenever we need it. With the correct freezing and thawing process, we can maintain the quality and taste of whipped cream.  Hopefully these tips and advice will be helpful and make it easier for you to store and use whipped cream when making desserts.


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