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Why choose SKYWHIP?

Why choose SKYWHIP?

Nowadays, there are many brands in the cream chargers market, and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. However, our brand stands out from the competition. So why choose us? 


Widely used, professional and efficient

SKYWHIP PRO is an Australian creative kitchenware company. Specializing in providing professional commercial catering equipment resources for hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, bakeries, food processing plants and other customers. Whether used for cooking dishes or making desserts, our cream chargers are designed to delight your palate.


Complete certificates, safe and secure

Our products are CE, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO ISO 14001, with TUV, NSF and HACCP certifications. All cream chargers are also made of high quality nitrous oxide, pure taste. And equipped with galvanized coating design to make the product safer to use.


Diverse varieties, more choices

SKYWHIP PRO's private brands include SKYWHIP PRO, DARLINGWHIP and STARTWHIP. Agent brands include: ISI PRO, WHIPIT, BESTWHIP, MOSA, etc. Also available in a variety of sizes such as 8g, 580g, 660g and 3.3l.

Not only that, we also have fruity cream chargers and innovative flavored nozzles to meet the tastes of different users.


Integrity management, quality assurance

In the fiercely competitive market, we always adhere to integrity and put the interests of our customers first. Our products are absolutely authentic and never adulterated. The prices are fair and reasonable, providing customers with affordable prices. Our after-sales service is thoughtful and meticulous to satisfy our customers.


Focus on environmental protection and sustainable development

We use environmentally friendly packaging materials to minimize environmental impact. All of our cream chargers are recyclable. We provide customers with professional recycling guides. We also pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.


The factory behind our brand has a long history and rich experience. Our brand has been established for nearly ten years. After years of development and growth, it has now become an industry leader. Our team consists of a group of experienced professionals with deep knowledge in the research and production of cream chargers. It is with this valuable experience and expertise that we are able to continuously innovate and launch better products.


Choose us, choose the perfect combination of quality and taste!


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