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1 X Professional Skywhip Pro Max Whipper Dispenser 1 L (SLIVER)

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Operating Instructions for One- Liter Cream Whipper

Make upscale whipped cream, desserts, and sauces faster and easier than ever before, all at the touch of a button, with this SKYWHIP PRO whipped-cream dispenser. However simply add fresh whipping cream, powdered sugar to taste, insert chargers, shake the dispenser for thirty seconds, and enjoy delicious, fresh whipped cream.

Before using your cream whipper please read operating instructions carefully. Assemble the head according to the instructions for bottle assembling and dismantling.

Bottle Filling

  1. Fill the prescribed amount of cooled whipped cream into the washed bottle (Max. 1 Liter- Min. 0.5 Liter)
  2. Screw the assembled head on the bottle and tighten firmly.

Gas Admission 

  1. Insert the pressure gas cylinder (N2O) into the wing nut.
  2. Screw the wing nut and gas cylinder assemble onto the head until gas is released. The initial gas penetration into the bottle is indicated by a hissing sound. The one liter bottle is filled with two gas cylinders. When the hissing stops, the bottle is full. By screwing the wing nut off, the rest of the gas will leak out. USE ONLY TWO CHARGERS PER FILLING. When the gas filling is completed, shake bottle briskly approximately 3-5 times.

Whipped Cream Discharging 

  1. To release whipped cream or dessert, hold bottle vertically, nozzle downwards, and press lever to dispense. If whipped cream is not firm enough, give the whipper another brisk shake.

Dispenser Washing

The aluminum cream foamer is detachable, easy to clean and wash, with the help of cleaning brush, you can clean the foamer in warm water.

Featured Of 1L Cream Whipper

Article: 1L

Capacity: 1 liter

Substance: aluminum bottle, mental high impact head

Perfect for Hot & Cold applications

Great for restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, bars, also bakeries

Includes: x3 Decorator tips, cleaning brush, charger holder &instruction manual

Weight/cardboard: 0.75kg

Size/cardboard: 11x11x30 cm

Important Notice 

  1. Do not over fill the bottle
  2. The 1L cream whipper can only be filled with one bulbs of 8g/8.2g/8.4g charger at a time. Overloading can cause damage to the cream whipper and that is Out-of-Warranty.
  3. If whipped cream (or gas) cannot be dispensed by valve, DO NOT dismantle the head without first discharging the gas. This can be done by loosening the admission valve (in advance you have to dismantle the screw ring, packing piece and the needle) by loosening of the screw, not removing it. When dismantling the head under pressure the thread on the head will be damaged. It could fly off and cause injury.
  4. When preparing fruit creams, do not use fruit , but only fruit juices. Seeds and pulp will clog the dispenser.
  5. Cream will stay fresh in the cream whipper if stored on the refrigerator.

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