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Skywhip Pro Bag 

  • The Skywhip Pro Bag holds your Startwhip Max 580g cream chargers cylinder without effort. Easily carry your cream charger to any setting or event without worrying about how to transport it.
  • Made from quality neoprene (same material as wet-suits).
  • Bring your accessories inside the extra zip-locked bag. 



Aurora Whip aims to provide high quality cream chargers and fancy service to everyone. And also, only Aurora Whip cream chargers have developed the most in line with modern tastes.

Our factory with over 10 years of experience in the field of cream charger manufacturing and high-end European-style classical packaging gives you an ultra royal experience on our product. Meanwhile, all our product lines are compliant with European standards and qualified with certificates including TUF & FDA.

We are not just a best quality product, but also fast delivery speed and professional manner! Explore your culinary creativity and enjoy your royal cream chargers now!  


            580G CREAM CHARGERS

  • Filled with 580g or an equivalent of 0.95 liter of food-safe nitrous oxide, meanwhile its huge cartridge capacity is about one hundred times that of the 8g cream charger.
  • Same contents as 72 ‘normal’ cream chargers.
  • Pressure release nozzle included per cylinder in every order.
  • When preparing large cocktails, the cream cartridges are the better options because they are odorless and flavorless.
  • These are ideal for use in bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and also in homes where large-scale preparations are done.
  • All 580g Tank Cream Chargers N2O are in high-quality, also recyclable steel.
  • Regulator set is sold separately.



  1. Firstly, remove the protective cap.
  2. Then twist the regulator to connect the N20 Cylinder.
  3. Install the hose to the N20 Cylinder.
  4. Add heavy cream and syrup into your dispenser whipper.
  5. After that, connect the adaptor with the hose to the regulator.
  6. Moreover, turn on the regulator for 5 seconds. (Details please see pressure picture)
  7. Well down! Everything is ready!



The pressure release nozzle is mainly used to twist on the cylinder on or off to control the gas in and out.



580G/3.3L Whipped Cream Chargers, for Food/Kitchen/Bar use only. Certainly, they are not for the medical use, not recyclable. Must be over 18 of purchasers!


    • Brand: AuroraWhip
    • UPC: 9357907001199
    • Conditions: Brand New
    • Type: Whipped Cream Charger
    • Material: Stainless Steel, Mental
    • Color: Brown 
    • 1 Pack Size( Length*Width*Height ): 7*32*7 cm 
    • Per Tank Net Weight: 580g N20 Gas
    • Tank Warranty: 5 Years



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