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4 Best Ways to Use Whipped Cream Chargers

4 Best Ways to Use Whipped Cream Chargers

N2O cream chargers are becoming more and more popular in the market now. Its main features are simple, efficient and also convenient operation, which is of great help to cooking. Here’s is a run-through of the top four culinary applications of N2O cream charger that you can easily try at home.


#Whipped Cream

Creating high quality whipped cream is the most popular everyday application of N2O cream charger. When you liberate the N2O canister into whipping cream, it reacts with the gelatine, fats, or other stabilizing agents, leading to a foamy texture. However, creating whipped cream using N2O cylinders is much easier and faster than the manual process. And not to mention, the resulting whipped cream is incomparable in terms of quality.


#Mousse and Dessert

Making the perfect mousse is not easy, the most basic thing is to make sure you whip the cream well. Thankfully, this process is easy if you use cream chargers to whip the cream. 


#Alcoholic Cocktails

The cream and egg white foam is perfect for a variety of cocktails. However, traditional preparation methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Additionally, the egg white foam is generally tasteless and doesn’t smell great. The 660g Cream Charger adds flavor to your alcoholic beverages quickly and also easily.


#Infusing Alcohol, Sauce, Oil, Marinades, and Syrup

Applying the same principle as above, you can use cream chargers to infuse alcohol with the specific taste of your choice – and also the technique isn’t just restricted to liquor. By putting the desired ingredients in the container of a whipped cream dispenser and injecting them with pressurized nitrous oxide gas, you can quickly catalyze the infusion process in sauces, oils, syrups, or marinades. What traditionally takes around two weeks to complete can be achieved in just minutes.


For those who love to cook and also those who love to experiment with a variety of dishes and beverages, Skywhip 660g cream charger is a great way to explore countless gourmet possibilities in the kitchen.


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