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Cream Chargers Silent Nozzle - FIRST.1 IN AU

Cream Chargers Silent Nozzle - FIRST.1 IN AU

#What is nozzle

The cream chargers nozzle is a universal premium-grade tool, designed to work with all major mainstream branded N2O cream chargers.
This accessory is equivalent to a switch, so you can freely control the release of gas.
This allows you to safely remove the remaining amount of N2O from the tank to make the cylinder empty.
After the cream chargers is emptied, the steel cylinder can be further recycled.
The colour of the nozzle may vary, and doesn’t affect its performance.


cream chargers nozzle


#How to use

The method of use is very simple, you only need to rotate the nozzle into the gas port of the cylinder, and control the release of gas by rotating the nozzle.
When you finish a 580G, 660gG or 3.3L N20 cream chargers, then please kindly use the nozzle to give out the left gas to make sure the tank empty. And put it in a cardboard box marked as recyclable then to throw in a recyclable bin.


cream chargers




Our nozzles are upgraded and brand new! In the latest version of the nozzle, we filled it with silent cotton. So it can give you a noise-free environment and also give you the best sense of use!



This is the new nozzle with the mute cotton in it, so it's easier to turn the nozzle on to the maximum than before.
Please do not open the nozzle maximum to avoid freezing.
And after using the nozzle, please don't forget to tighten the nozzle so that the gas in the bottle does not leak.


New Arrival - 660g cream chargers N2O

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1 Tank = 83 Bulbs of 8g
Free new nozzle with mute cotton per tank included.


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