websitewebsite Cream Chargers – 5 Tips for Making Cream Topping
Cream Chargers – 5 Tips for Making Cream Topping

Cream Chargers – 5 Tips For Making Cream Topping

Now people usually use a cream whipper and cream chargers to make the cream topping. To help you get consistent results with super-frothy texture cream topping every time, we have listed five tips for you to make the cream topping with cream whippers and cream chargers.

#1 Managing whipped cream in cream whippers correctly

Before using cream, the whipped cream used in the cream whipper need to be refrigerated for at least 30 minutes. After opening the cream whipper, try to avoid leaving it for too long, which will affect its use effect.We recommend placing the cream in a cream whipper, chilling in the refrigerator and using within 24 hours. After using the cream of the cream whipper, the nozzle needs to be cleaned to avoid spoilage of dairy residues in the nozzle. We recommend using hot water as it melts the milk residue better.

#2 Putting the whipped cream in the cream whipper in the proper ratio

In order to maximize the efficiency of use and save raw materials, we usually recommend adding 350-400ml of whipping cream and 25-35g of sugar to a 500ml cream whipper.


#3 The fewer shakes, the more delicate the whipped cream

Using a cream whipper, the strength and frequency of shaking after injecting the cream will also affect the whipping effect. Generally speaking, The less you shake, the creamier the whipped cream will be.

#4 No difference in the nozzles of the cream whipper

There are two main choices of flower heads : star-shaped and tulip flower heads.The difference is not obvious in the speed of whipping cream, the collapse speed after whipping, and also the state of cream forming.

#5 Using heavy cream for the perfect whipped cream

As light cream does not have enough fat to create great peaks, we recommend using a fat cream with a fat content of more than 35%. A high fat content is essential, because it makes the cream hard. 

High quality cream chargers can help you make the perfect cream topping!

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