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Common Mistakes When Whipping Cream

Common Mistakes When Whipping Cream

There are 5 common mistakes when you use cream chargers to make whipped cream.
Avoid common mistakes, even beginners can also quickly whip cream with a cream charger.


1. Using excessive amounts of nitrous oxide.

Common Mistakes When Whipping Cream

This can make the whipped cream overly light and airy, and it may not taste as delicious as it should. Additionally, it can raise safety issues because nitrous oxide overdoses can result in nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Another error is not shaking the canister sufficiently before use. The nitrous oxide may not effectively combine with the cream a result, resulting in uneven distribution and an inconsistent texture.


2. Not Using the Right Kind of Cream

Entering a supermarket and getting to the dairy aisle is a complete headache; if you prepare whipped cream, you must choose right kind of heavy cream. Not light cream.
We recommend using heavy cream with over 30% fat content or above. High-fat content is essential because it allows the cream to get stiff.

Are you a vegan person? Don’t you worry! Many vegan dairy alternatives contain high amounts of fat, such as coconut cream, which you can use to make whipped cream. Also, avoid using “half and half” or whole milk for beating. The reason is that they don’t contain enough fat to hold air bubbles upon whipping. 


3. Not Chilling Heavy Cream in the Fridge

Please refrigerate the cream.
Chilling the heavy cream (ideally with a minimum of 35-40% fat content) is essential to get a creamy and airy whipped cream. Not doing so can cause the cream can not be whipped.
If possible, consider refrigerating your cream whipper ahead of time for best results.
Tip: Cream must be stored in cold storage, do not freeze.


4. Using Whipped Cream Immediately

Never pipe your whipped cream onto a cake or dessert, which is still hot – else, your cream will melt immediately. You can store your whipped cream in the refrigerator. It will stay well for the next few hours.


5. Ignoring safety precautions of whip cream chargers

It is critical to follow all safety precautions when using whip cream chargers. Whip cream chargers can be hazardous if not used correctly, so read all warnings and instructions before using them.

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