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How to use whipped cream dispenser with a 3.3L tank?

How to use whipped cream dispenser with a 3.3L tank?

Still hesitating whether to buy 3.3L cream chargers?

Still wondering how to use cream chargers?

This blog will guide you how to use the 3.3L cream charger and cream dispenser - step by step.



What You Will Need

Heavy liquid whipping cream

Skywhip pro max 3.3L cream charger

Whipped cream dispenser



Step 1

Firstly, remove the whipped cream dispenser’s top.

Step 2

Secondly, pour in your cream or other liquids up to the max fill line and ensure you don’t overfill the container.

Step 3

Screw the top onto the canister evenly and also firmly. Please make sure the cream dispenser is sealed.

Locate the hose and also connect one side to the regulator and one side to the dispenser.

Turn clockwise to open the regulator for five to ten seconds. 

Step 4

Counter clockwise rotation then close it. Disconnect the regulator from the dispenser.

Last Step

Turn the whipped cream dispenser upside down and shake it a few times to mix the nitrous with the cream. Shake the dispenser a few times before repressing the lever if the cream is too runny. 

A few tips: give the contents of the dispenser time for the gas to infuse, always shake the contents to ensure even gaseous distribution. Try to avoid any lumps, seeds, pips, or bits in your mixture that might block the whipper nozzle.


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