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How to use whipper with 8g cream chargers?

How to use whipper with 8g cream chargers?

The super simple and delicious cream whipper tutorial is here! With a few easy steps, it is very suitable for home-made, catering shops, etc.

     Prepare materials:

  1. One 0.5L Skywhip Cream Whipper
  2. N20 cream chargers ( Skywhip Ultra Pro+ 8.4g )
  3. A bottle of cream ( generally recommended dosage 300ml-500ml )

     Whipper cream Instructions:

1. Open the cap of the whipper and pour in an appropriate amount of cream and also with other seasonings.

2. Then put the cap on the bottle and put the N2O cream charger into the magazine.

3. Tighten the magazine to the whipper and hear the sound of gas release.

4. According to personal needs, so you can repeatedly screw in more cream charger. The more N2O is added, the whipped cream will be more stable and solid.

(The general recommended dosage is <7 bulbs, be careful of excessive air pressure!!)

5. Shake the whole cream whipper evenly up, then down about 20 times.

6. Then align the piping nozzle and press the handle to squeeze out the cream!

Finally, the delicacy you can get in less than a minute!

Video for more details: How To Use A Whipped Cream Dispenser?

Hurry up and bring home the Skywhip Cream Whipper and 8.4G Cream Chargers combo, and make it for your family to taste!