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Instruction for Using a Skywhip Pro Max Nitrous Oxide Tank with A Pressure Regulator!

Instruction for Using a Skywhip Pro Max Nitrous Oxide Tank with A Pressure Regulator!


Imagine that you are the host of a party and need to make more drinks by changing bulbs by bulbs, that's so busy with your hands! Actually, just a 580g or 3.3L tanks can free your hands! A 3.3L tank cream charger equals to 250 * 8g cream chargers! The great capacity support not only save your money but also save your time! Here is the Instruction for Regulator, let's learn here!

Known as the N0.1 company to produce 580g and 3.3L cream chargers to Australia, Skywhip brands are top brands far better than other brands. Skywhip 580g and 3.3L tanks are top sales products, which is very popular with customers!


Nowadays, the Skywhip Cream Charger is a particular utensil used to make certain mousses or combine different (difficult to mix) liquids into whipped cream.

A cylinder accelerates the infusion rate between alcohol and various oils, for starters. Accelerating this process improves the texture, flavor, and appearance of dishes. The precision that the SKYWHIP Cream Charger can deliver makes this utensil an established part of the kitchen for both professional chefs and at-home chefs.


So how to whip cream with our N20 cylinders? At first, you need to know the differences between a pressure release nozzle and a pressure regulator! Every 580g or 3.3L Tanks comes with a free pressure release nozzle. At the beginning, we need to know how to use the pressure release nozzle. 

Actually, the nozzle is mainly used to twist on the cylinder on or off to control the gas in and out. When you finish a 580G or 3.3L N20 cylinder, then please kindly use the nozzle to give out the left gas to make sure the tank empty. And put it in a cardboard box marked as recyclable then to throw in a recyclable bin.


skywhip cream chargers

So how to whip cream with a Skywhip Max N20 CylinderIn that case, you probably need a pressure regulator. A pressure regulator helps measure the amount of gas you pass onto the cream dispenser, quite handy if you expect to shorten the refilling process instead of changing bulbs by bulbs. Here is the Instruction for regulator use.

Now, please kindly follow the steps below to learn how to use your cylinder.

1. You need a dispenser and some cream. Of course our product skywhip is needed.

2. Open the dispenser.

3. Pour an appropriate amount and cream into it.

4. Then close the dispenser. 

skywhip cream chargers

5. Connect the regulator to the dispenser.

6. Please make sure the dispenser is sealed.

7. Turn clockwise to open the regulator for five to ten seconds. 

(Detailed pressure please see pressure table as below)

8. Counter clockwise rotation then close it.

skywhip cream chargers

9. Disconnect the regulator from the dispenser.

10. Finally, turn over and shake the distributor 20 times.

11. Well down! The delicious cream is ready!

skywhip cream chargers

skywhip cream chargersskywhip cream chargers

We often feel tempted to purchase cream bulbs instead of nitrous oxide cylinders because we think they are better for domestic use. 

This belief stops today. Thanks to a pressure regulator, Skywhip nitrous oxide cylinders are as friendly for domestic use as the tedious cream bulbs. Hope this Instruction for regulator can help.

What are you waiting for to put our instructions into practice? Order on our website and go ahead for your parties!