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The Differences between The Genuines and Fakes 580g Cream Chargers

Do you know the differences between the genuine and fake 580g cream chargers?

As special for the superior and consistent performance, safety, quality and environmentally responsible practice, the 580g cream chargers have been very popular in market for more than 2 years, especially in European countries.

You can easily find all kinds of 580g brands in the market. All of their claims are to be the best and the most helpful. However, that’s not the actual case scenario. Plenty of them don’t even compliant with the Europe Standard BS EN ISO 11118:2015 for 580g cylinders to do the job. Therefore, they are even of potential edible dangers.
Have you ever used them for your kitchen creations? Do you know the differences between the genuine and fake 580g cream chargers? Do you know the harms of the false ones?
So if you are wondering how you should choose the qualified 580g  cream charger, then here we are to help you. 
  • Must engrave π0036 or π0035 and the manufacturer
You can find the engraved marks π0036 or π0035 and the manufacturer both are engraved on the top part of the genuine 580g cream chargers as shown in the picture below. 
The manufacturer identification is the only way to trace the source. Without that, once there is any quality problem on the your 580g cream chargers, the manufacturer won’t admit that as the label on the cylinder can be torn up at any time.
  • Must - have anti-disassembly device
The second secret weapon is the anti-disassembly device under the valve as shown in the picture below. Only domestic genuine products and Italian ones have this kind of device. Small valves also have great knowledge.
According to the A. rule of European standard BS EN ISO 11118:2015, the 580g cream charger must be one-time use. Once the valve is removed, the thread of the valve must be damaged. Otherwise, once it is reused, its harm must be immeasurable.
The detection method is very simple. You can use a tool to unscrew the valve. If the valve is broken, it is genuine. Otherwise, it is not in compliance with the rules. The fakes are always just stuck with glue. Once the glue fails, the ultra-high pressure of the 580g cream chargers will instantly pop the valve off and fly out like a bullet.
  • Must use color Number RAL5010 Blue for cylinder design
Regarding the color of the 580g cream chargers, many people who do not understand the industry rules will only customize the color of the cylinder to meet the public's preferences, such as pink, white, black and so on colors in the market. These actually do not meet the standard.
According to Article of the EU standard BS EN 1089-3:2011, the nitrous oxide gas of UN1070 must use blue with the color number RAL5010. So if you get a cylinder that is not blue, it is all fake, genuine Manufacturers can not even lack the most basic common sense.
  • Must have Manufacturer and Unique Code on the Label
The last is the distinction of labels. Please refer to the example below.
The genuine label will also put the manufacturer on it, like the following MN. And the EU BS EN ISO11118:2015 requires that each cylinder must have a unique code, like the following 142081. If there is no code or code repeat use on that, it is absolutely the fake. The label of the genuine 580g cream chargers will also be engraved with the EU logo π0036, and the batch number on the label will correspond to an XA certificate presented by the German TUV agency.
Finally, have you mastered the skills to distinguish between genuine and fake 580g cream chargers?
  • Conclusion
Four Musts To find out genuine 580g cream chargers:
  1. Must engrave π0036 or π0035 and the manufacturer on the top part of 580g cream chargers 
  2. Must have anti-disassembly device 
  3. Must use color Number RAL5010 Blue for Cylinder design
  4. Must have Manufacturer and Unique Code on the Label


  • Warm Reminders
The genuine 580 cream chargers are all made of the recyclable steel, so they are recyclable! All the SKYWHIP whipped cream chargers including 8.4g, 580g and 3.3L are all environmentally friendly and recyclable! Please don’t forget to recycle them according to the recycle instruction below!