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Welcome 2024

Welcome 2024, enjoy the journey of delicious whipped cream

As we welcome the new year of 2024, we will stick to our original heart and strive to provide our customers with the most excellent, purest and highest quality cream chargers. Each of our cream chargers has undergone multiple certifications and also holds many authoritative certificates, making it a trustworthy choice.


In order to achieve the highest quality goal, we strictly control every link, and always take customer satisfaction as the primary goal. We only select the highest quality raw materials to ensure that each cream charger brings a pure taste. At the same time, we use advanced production processes to ensure that every cream charger maintains the best quality. We strictly control the packaging and transportation links to ensure the integrity and freshness of the products. 


We have multiple self-operated brands to meet the different needs of customers. No matter the size, or the taste, we can provide customers with the most satisfactory choice.


Startwhip max

Startwhip max has a light taste and high cost performance, and is widely used in home cake and dessert making. It will not affect the taste of the food itself. We recommend beginners to buy it.


Skywhip pro max

Skywhip pro max has been upgraded from the inside out. It's smooth and creamy. We recommend it to experienced customers. Suitable for bars and restaurants, it can achieve quick seasoning and make high-quality drinks, ingredients, foams, mousses, etc.



AuroraWhip is designed for cooking, with product improvements based on customer feedback. The perfect companion for the culinary professional, bartender, barista or home cook.


We also have small capacity 8G cream chargers. It is an excellent companion for whipped cream and suitable for beginners. The product is easy to carry and is the best choice for making desserts at home.


Our cream chargers hold certifications from multiple authoritative organizations. These certifications not only prove the excellent quality of our products, but also recognize our consistent efforts to pursue excellence.


In the New Year, we will continue to uphold the original heart, constantly improve ourselves, and also provide our customers with more high-quality cream chargers. We will bring more surprises and satisfaction to our customers with a more rigorous attitude and more innovative thinking.


Let's welcome 2024 together and bring you more delicious food and happiness!


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